Avenue A-Z-A. Our Organisational 360 Survey

360 feedback is a powerful developmental tool for creating awareness of an individual’s strengths and development areas. At an organisational level, the aggregated data is invaluable to inform budget decisions, learning and development programmes and organisational wide interventions.

  • Imagine you are standing inside a circle. All around the circumference are people who work with you – your manager, your team, your peers, even your customers.
  • They observe how you work, your strengths, what sometimes does not work, even what a potential future role would be for you.
  • 360 is a process which gathers in their views to help you be as effective as possible in your current role and to offer you some food for thought in terms of development.


Our unique 360-degree tool assesses performance, capability, behaviour, and impact across key areas of leadership.

We understand that organisations are unique, so our 360-survey can be tailored to your behaviour models and frameworks to create the perfect solution.

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