Decision Making & Cognitive Processes

We make thousands of decisions every day. Many are easy, like what to have for lunch, but others are complex, stressful or both. Because there are so many decisions and because some can have substantial impact on results, costs, time, feelings, and relationships, knowing who should be making what decisions and how you make decisions are important.

At Avenue B we use two tools that look at decision making styles and cognitive ability.

Decision Styles is designed to identify the 10 factors of decision making, problem solving and judgement of an individual.

  • Quick to complete, with easy access via mobile, app or desktop
  • Raise personal awareness about a preferred way of making decisions or solving problems
  • Increase awareness of primary and secondary decision styles
  • Encourage individuals to consider how they and others make decisions and solve problems
  • Produce two reports for the user and assessor/coach


The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is an advanced computerised assessment technique which tracks and maps a person’s thinking processes to indicate their preferred thinking style and capabilities. Based on this information, a suitable work environment, the learning potential and developmental needs of the person can be identified.

  • Interactive and detailed measurement of thinking processes
  • Automated and web-enabled
  • Exceptional at cross-cultural and global application
  • Gives an indication of current performance and potential performance
  • Clear indicators for placement, succession planning and development purposes
  • Integrated developmental guidelines
  • Duration: Approximately 1 to 3 hours

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