First-hand Feedback

A past client recounts how Nina’s effective, committed coaching created new perspective when it was most needed.

The opportunity to undertake the coaching came at a time in my professional career when I was working through a succession of important career developments and embarking on a number of postgraduate academic challenges alongside my day job.

I was aware of the need to move in a new direction after 10 years in the same role but felt under-confident about how to proceed with initiating the necessary changes. I was also finding time management a significant issue, and quickly realised that the time spent in the coaching relationship was an incredibly effective way to manage these challenges, as I learned the inherent value of reflection in managing the transition.

Nina established the ground rules of the coaching relationship very clearly from the outset, including the frequency, duration, and scope of the sessions as a verbal contract. As I had not previously undertaken formal coaching, this was very useful in helping me focus on what issues to invest in the coaching relationship and helped me to define other areas of my life that would benefit from mentoring or possibly counselling.

I looked forward to each session enormously and always felt that Nina prepared herself extremely well for sessions by way of reflecting on the previous session notes and challenging me on issues that had arisen. I found her to be a very active listener, extremely curious about me as a person, and incisive about making associations that challenged my views about me and my emerging skillsets. The relationship with her was friendly but highly professional, and I found the sessions in many ways hard work, as I always left feeling that I had faced up to issues with new clarity and insight.

Through the coaching sessions, Nina helped me to explore several themes which helped my confidence enormously. I successfully applied for a new role in my workplace which required a highly competitive interview process as well as a prepared presentation. Nina helped me work through how to find my “brand”, which gave me a coherent view of why I was so ideally suited to the new role, helping me establish reasons why I felt under-confident professionally, and how to use my new insights to manage the interview process and prepare for the presentation effectively.

I have been in my new role for almost a year now, and I frequently reflect on how fortunate I was to have undertaken the coaching with Nina at such an important time of transition. I have continued to develop my skills as a reflective practitioner, and to deepen my understanding of myself as a leader and a life-long learner. Nina’s influence on this journey has been invaluable and I remain deeply grateful for her guidance at such an important time in my professional life.

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