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Co-Own The Change

The philosophy of Avenue B is that business acumen and psychological science amplify each other. By connecting the dots between data, people and strategy, we have a knack for delivering Eureka moments with lasting impact.

There's no recipe for the perfect cake

That’s why we collaborate with you to understand your unique circumstance and match it with an equally unique solution.

With a shifting commercial landscape in nearly every sector, it’s key for businesses to establish a strong sense of identity, pin-point their purpose and create habits of reflection & innovation. Only then can they define what they’ll become in the future. 

Strategic Programme Review

Level-Up Your Talent, People And Culture Approach

By really getting under the hood of your business and existing people programmes, we use psychological principles and frameworks to craft talent programmes that align to business goals. Whether your area of need is within talent assessment and succession planning, establishing a new performance management programme, or understanding and empowering your people better, Avenue B’s Strategic Programme Review can help.

Strategic Consulting Services

Ask Better Questions. Find Better Answers.

After many years solving talent and people challenges for some of the world’s best-recognised organisations, we’ve refined a unique approach to strategic advisory and consultancy. We create a space in which clients feel comfortable to openly share, along with an objective and seasoned viewpoint to help them reframe their challenges, opportunities and circumstances.

Talent Programme Design

Part Science. Part Experience. All Magic.

The way an organisation chooses, manages and empowers its people largely determines its future. Our Talent Programmes are co-crafted, allowing us to apply our vast knowledge and experience while keeping your company’s context and ambitions in the bullseye. Every programme we create is results-based, practical and backed by robust psychological science.

Data & Insights

Empowering Through Understanding

If you’re a growth-minded, people-focused organisation, few things are as valuable as deep insights. We’ve found that revealing the key data points of leaders, teams and individuals within an organisation is an excellent first step, whether it’s analytical or diagnostic.

One of the outcomes … is a jump in our team’s Motivation/Satisfaction score by 22 points to 79, making it the highest gain this year for HR and a strong score in its own right.

VP People Analytics & Insight, Toys & Entertainment sector

Strategic People Consultancy

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