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The most valuable ability we each have – as businesses, teams or individuals – is the ability to adapt. This belief is core to our philosophy and way of working. We equip clients with the tools they need to understand the present so they can choose a better future. 

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Whether you need scientific insight, practical tools, impactful guidance, or something in between, Avenue B finds a powerful solution for every client. Want to learn more about our spectrum of business coaching and consulting specialities? Simply choose a category below.

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As coaches we help you look inward to look forward. It’s all about growth, insight and perspective.

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Collaboration is a delicate, potent science. Get cutting-edge tools and knowledge to turn a group into a team.

Avenue B Consulting Organisational Constulting
Whether startup or multinational, investing in people and how you empower them is where great companies begin.
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Use a heightened awareness of strengths, development areas, leadership impact and more to inform individual, team and organisational development.

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Grounded in psychological science and drawing on years of experience, our training programmes and workshops educate, elevate, and empower.

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As a company who believes in the power of a shared vision, your success is ours.


Our pricing is bespoke and scalable. No hidden costs, lock-ins or fine print.


Our flexibility makes it possible for us to work on-site, off-site or somewhere in between.

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