Team Solutions

Own The Change Together

Teamwork is a delicate and potent science that Avenue B excels in. Using cutting-edge tools and knowledge, we formulate solutions to offer both instant and long-lasting impact on any team within any business.

Teamwork makes the team work

We develop and deliver world-class training that is engaging, relevant & designed with your team in mind. Our focus is on distilling deep insights into dynamics and relationships, whether your team is newly-formed or well-seasoned. 

We empower individual and team alike, enhancing collaboration and communication skills that enable them to perform at a higher, more efficient level. We understand that teams are always unique, so we examine each group and use an evidence-based approach to tailor the perfect solution.

Team Development Programmes

Get It Together, Together

Through discussion, learning and exploration, your team can become the best version of itself. These half, full or multi-day programmes are designed to ignite the people within any team to work closer, smarter and more effectively. During these programmes, teams will exceed their comfort zones, get to grips with an array of mind-blowing concepts and be empowered with tools that the world’s most effective teams all use.

Team Data & Insights Assessments

Look Inward To Look Forward

Avenue B’s selection of psychometrics, behavioural assessments and analytical tools allow a team to fully understand their baseline, strengths and gap areas. With this invaluable data at hand, understanding what the team’s next big steps are becomes a whole lot easier.

The workshop that she ran for us gave all of the team a voice, and then she helped us shape the information shared into a vision, goals and a set of behaviours

VP Global Marketing & CX, Energy & Commodities Sector

Team Workshop

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