The COVID-19 Dilemma: HR Implications Arising from Vaccination and Testing

Article in HR Benchmarks February 2021

Governments the world over are not mandating that everyone receive the COVID vaccine, instead diverting responsibility and forcing business leaders to make difficult decisions about their organisation, workforce and on behalf of their customers. 

It is, of course, up to the individual employee if they are vaccinated. Let us be 100% clear there are no statutory provisions that could force individuals to be
vaccinated. But we do all share the burden of a collective responsibility to better combat the virus. Not only has there been huge loss of life, the impact on livelihoods has also been immense. Many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and unemployment in the UK is predicted to hit 7.7% in April – June 2021.

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The COVID-19 Dilemma: HR Implications Arising From Vaccination & Testing